Архив рубрики: Religion and politics

«Muslim identity» and the political process in Kyrgyzstan

Usubaliev Esen One of the most important consequences of the collapse of communist ideology in 1991 for the masses of Kyrgyzstan was the problem of personal self-identification and the search for new ideological reference points. On the wave of the «revival» of Islam, this religion has become the defining factor in identifying not only the titular nation of Kyrgyzstan, but

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Islam as a political resource in Kyrgyzstan: Opportunities and consequences.

Esen Usubaliev. March 2008 The progressive transformation of Islam into a full-fledged factor in the political process in Central Asia following the collapse of the USSR came as no surprise and was a completely predictable outcome, even for those countries where Islam had previously had only a traditional cultural significance. The opening of borders and the nominal return of Central

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