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«Central Asia plus Japan: the fact of the meeting is more important than the results.

Usubaliev E. The year 2020 brings its adjustments to the meeting frameworks of the Central Asian region — after the C5+1 meeting with the US, China plus Central Asia (a new platform for dialogue), the turn has come to Japan, which, continuing its regular meetings with Central Asian countries, is trying to keep its finger on the ‘pulse of developments

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The future of Afghanistan a view from Tokyo

Dobrinskaya Olga,  26.09.2012 г. Representatives of almost 80 countries and international organizations gathered in Tokyo on July 8, 2012 to work out a strategy for the future development of Afghanistan. As the coalition troops are ready to withdraw the international community is facing the challenges of maintaining security and sustainable development of this country. The significance of non-military security issues

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What’s behind Japanese nuclear talks?

Esen Usubaliev November 2006 The information about boisterous discussions taking place in Japan around possibility to have nuclear weapons in the most minimal and necessary amount for self-defense started appearing in the world mass media more frequently. Raising of this issue has become even more actual after nuclear tests in North Korea on October 9, 2006. However, it is known

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